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A Note From Our CEO

This is hard guys.  This is likely one of the most difficult times we are going to live through. Ever.  We’re scared for our health or the health of a loved one, we are watching our livelihoods wash away from us in a matter of days-sometimes hours.  Life as we know it has changed forever and we’re trying to keep our heads above the sea of negativity washing over us from every arena in our life.  The worst part is that through it all, we can’t hold each other.  We can’t cry with each other. We can’t laugh with each other.  We can’t even sit with each other.

And yet- we will do this.  We are strong, resilient, passionate, and incredibly resourceful people.  In the sea of fear, we choose hope and we choose love.  Even in the midst of bad news, even in the darkness of loneliness and isolation, there is hope.

Manufacturers pivoting their products to health equipment for the hospitals.

Small businesses getting creative with their “socially distant” policies and offering take out, drive-thru, and online services.

Communities rallying around their local businesses doing their best, in the midst of layoffs, to support and encourage them.

Innovators creating tests, new pharmaceuticals, and new ways of combating the virus.

People working endless hours at sewing machines making masks for anyone who needs them, getting creative with 3D printers, and running errands and doing meal delivery for the more vulnerable in our communities.

Healthcare workers putting their lives at risk every day to care for the sick.

Front line “essential workers” continuing to work even in the face of extreme fear, unkindness, and difficulty.

We’re staying home even when we want to go out.  We’re isolating and social distancing even though every fiber in our being was made for connection and socialization.  We are doing this.  You are doing this. This is who we are.  We refuse to drown in the sea of negativity but together we will rise in hope.  Stay strong Maine.  We’ve got this.

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