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Barnard Financial

Barnard Financial is a full-service financial advisory firm committed to honesty, integrity, and excellence in financial planning.  We are a Maine-based company that specializes in retirement income planning.​ Jeremy Barnard, Financial Advisor, is the founder and president of Barnard Financial and a licensed fiduciary.  Early in his finance career, Jeremy witnessed first-hand the devastation a dishonest advisor could have when one of his own family members lost thousands of dollars. 

This experience, along with countless similar stories he heard from clients over the years, solidified for him the resolve to build his own company, initially named Edgewater Financial. Continually growing to meet the needs of clients all over the state, the business became Barnard Financial in 2020, a firm with strong ethical standards, committed to giving sound advice with clients’ needs as the first and most important consideration.

At Barnard Financial, we believe that an effective financial plan isn’t just about our opinion but involves careful planning that puts mathematics behind the solutions.  We also understand that these are “living plans” that require regular attention as the years progress to accommodate for changes in life circumstances, goals, and priorities.​ We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer care for those who join the Barnard Financial family. We are able to accomplish this with a strong team and the most effective use of technology available.

As a Maine-based business, we reflect the strong and independent nature of the people who live here and we are also quite familiar with the specific challenges that living in our great state may present. As an independent and trusted source for financial planning we are here for you, your family, and your business.  We look forward to welcoming you to our Edgewater Family!


We’re Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), here to ensure that your finances are sound and ready to help you understand every facet of the process so that you are an expert in your financial future. Whether you need help in planning your estate, understanding the world of stocks and bonds, or how to choose the perfect insurance, we have your back. With years of experience behind us, we understand the world of finances through and through. When you work with us, we are always at your disposal – to answer your questions, address any and all concerns, and help strengthen your knowledge about the world of finances so that you understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it for you.

As RIA’s, we have a legal fiduciary responsibility towards our clients. This means that every choice, every decision, every detail that is made is only in your best interest. There is no middle ground or no secret, backroom deals when it comes to your finances for a registered investment advisor. Clients are truly the number one factor in the minds of RIA’s. You have our guarantee that every decision made in your name will be to further your interests, not our own, not a financial firm, and not that of other parties. It is for that reason that each transaction is made with as much care as is possible. There are little to no risks when working with an RIA.

We want to help you build a sustainable future. We offer sound, solid advice that is tailor made for each client. This means that you will have a personal relationship with your RIA, throughout every step of the process – whether it’s just a handful of consults, or a lifetime relationship. When you work with an RIA, you have the guarantee of good, safe advice and investment options.

Take a moment to speak with us, and we’ll show you exactly how we differ from the average investment advisor

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Jeremy Barnard

Financial Advisor

Robert Woodman

Voluntary Supplemental Benefits Specialist

Kate Madore

Marketing and Media Director

Felicia McLeod

Office Manager

Investment advisory services are offered through Foundations Investment Advisors LLC, a SEC registered investment adviser.